Right Moves for Seniors has all of the answers.
We help with all of the following:

 ‌• We will help you determine the required or desired characteristics of your new home.
 ‌• We will identify available homes that meet your criteria.
 ‌• We will set up and accompany you on visits to potential homes.
 ‌• We will provide you with information on communities, schools, houses of worship, & any other services you need.
 ‌• We will determine the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for.
 ‌• We will advise you of financing options available to you.
 ‌• We will assist you with preparing an offer.
 ‌• We will monitor progress toward closing when the contract is accepted.
 ‌• We will coordinate the settlement process and ensure things are proceeding smoothly.
 ‌• Attend closing and help you get settled in your new home.